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Some reflections on changes that have a occured since I began working with Indigenous communities in 1975 , and thoughts about the value or otherwise of a "treaty" at the present time.



Indigenous Issues

Aborigines and Native Title Issues

A brief history of the historic Mabo and Wik High Court decisions and information about the  Native Title Act, 1973, together with commentary on the 1998 amendments to the legislation .

This page also contains direct links to the major court decisions and the relevant legislation.




Ethnography, Anthropology and Native Title - the Yorta Yorta Experience

This article looks at the manner in which earlier ethnographic and anthropological research can have both positive and negative effects on a contemporary Native Title claim.



Anthropologists, Historians and Native Title

Introductory address presented to Native Title session of the Australian Historical Association Annual Conference, Sydney University, July 1988



Aborigines and "Wilderness"

Thoughts on contemporary perspectives on "Wilderness"