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Major national agencies dealing with indigenous issues
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This page lists links which I have found useful myself. Other , more substantial and infinitely more polished links pages are already well established. If you can't find what you want further down below, then try these out:

Other links pages



Indigenous Issues


ABORIGINAL STUDIES WWW VIRTUAL LIBRARY    One of the first and very best sets of WWW "links" relating to Australian indigenous matters - maintained by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

The AIATSIS Links Page  The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies very well organised page of links with useful site descriptions - primarily Australian sites

Vicnet's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Page  - A very comprehensive and fast growing site with Australian and international links to indigenous sites

ILANET Guide to Indigenous Resources  A useful set of Australian and international links prepared by the State Library of New South Wales. NB. Unfortunately , this site has a "browser block" which will prevent you from accessing it unless you use a current version of either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Those who, like me, prefer to use other browsers, such as iCab, might want to send a "please explain" letter to their support desk.

Bill's Aboriginal Links Bill Henderson's excellent Canadian based list of international resources on indigenous peoples. Very comprehensive coverage of relevant Canadian, US, Latin American, New Zealand and Australian sites with a significant focus on indigenous land issues.


ISCA's Anthropological Web Resources - A short  list of anthropological resources from the Institute of Social and Cultural resources , Oxford , UK.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet - Founded by Allen Lutins, this extremely comprehensive guide to anthropology on the net is now maintained in France by Bernard Clist. It contains links to a vast array of email based mailing lists, newsgroups, and WWW sites covering social / cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics and ethnomusicology. Check it out. They both deserve a medal just for keeping it so up to date.

University of Iowa Anthropology   A very interesting site from University of Iowa's anthropology department, with extensive links to the discussion of  reburials and ethical issues relating to archaeology and anthropology.

The American Anthropological Association list of Anthropological resources. A succinct listing of useful sites. Includes details of various US based anthropological mailing lists.
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The major national agencies dealing with indigenous issues


ATSIC   - The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission's home page - now a major site with valuable and diverse content

Council for Aboriginal Reconcilliation  - It will be interesting to see whether the Howard restructured Council can operate even half as effectively as the  original one!  The site still houses the Reconcilliation and Social Justice Library  however, where you will find many useful resources in electronic form.

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Australia Another body which has recently seen a "change of management", with Mick Dodson's departure.  Here you can find "Bringing them home" the report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families.

AIATSIS - The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies - the independent Commonwealth Government statutory authority devoted to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies. Chaired by Professor Marcia Langton with Mick Dodson in the deputy's seat. An excellent  site which provides extensive materials relating to Native Title in downloadable form and links to other organisations.

National Native Title Tribunal  The site of the body responsible for administration of the Native Title Act. It contains useful information about Native Title and access to tribunal decisions etc.

Reconcilliation and Social Justice Project home page The Reconcilliation and Social Justice Project home page - also provides access to the Council for Aboriginal Reconcilliation and other on line resources

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Regional bodies


The Northern Land Council  The Darwin based statutory body  established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act NT (1976) to represent indigenous interests in land related matters in the "top half" of the Northern Territory. A significant player in the Northern Territory political scene.

The Central Land Council - The NLC's  Alice Springs based sister organisation . The CLC represents indigenous groups in the southern half of the Northern Territory. Grown a bit since Wenten Rubuntja, Ben Clyne, Geoff Eames, Keith Smith, and I made up the total staff in 1975.

Yorta Yorta  - The home page for the Yorta Yorta people of the Murray River and surrounding areas. The people who were seeking for damages for the destruction of their fisheries in the mid 19th Century, petitioning for land in the 1880's, striking for better conditions in the 1930's and who gave Australia William Cooper, Sir Doug Nicholls, Margaret Tucker and other great leaders! 

The Yorta Yorta suffered another blow when Justice Howard Olney knocked back their Native Title Claim to their traditional lands, the first contested native title claim before the Federal Court.. They are currently waiting for determination of their appeal by the Full Bench of the Federal Court. Site still under construction!

FAIRA - The  Foundation for Aboriginal and Islander Research Action, an indigenous community organisation which undertakes research and political activity in Queensland.

Other sites of interest

Sites with a legal focus


The Australian Legal Information Institute provide access on-line to Australian and international cases and legislation. They are an indispensible source for anyone working in the area of native title, indigenous heritage protection, or other areas where indigenous interests and the law intersect. If you work in this area, then add the AUSTLII site to your own bookmarks or favourites list now!

The University of Western Auatralia Native Title Page  This page is sadly no longer being updated, but you can still use it to access various important early Native Title related decisions in downloadable format.

Scale  The Commonwealth Attorney General's case and legislation database. Useful, but can be slow. Covers all Commonwealth legislation and also that of some of the Australian states.




Native Title Act 1993  A "browsable" version of the Native Title Act as it now stands, incorporating the "ten point plan" and "Harradine" amendments of 1998. An "rtf" version, for use in almost any word-processor, is also available for download

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Consolidated Version incorporating all amendments to date). The Commonwealth legislation dealing with heritage and site protection issues. This Act was substantially amended in 1998. The changes substantially reduce the effectiveness of the legislation as a means of protecting indigenous interests.
Aboriginal Land Rights Act, NT (1976)     Consolidated version of the land rights legislation which applies in the Northern Territory. There are also two amendment bills available in .pdf format from Billsnet. This legislation has recently been reviewed. A copy of the report of the review is available on line from the ATSIC WWW site. The changes recommended by the review would dramatically change the structure of NT land councils.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act 1989  Consolidated version of the Act which established ATSIC
Council for Aboriginal Reconcilliation Act 1991 The legislation establishing the Council for Aboriginal Reconcilliation
Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act, 1976  Legislation which provides processes for the incorporation of indigenous bodies
Aboriginal Land Rights Act (NSW) 1983
Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment Act (NSW) 1995
National Parks and Wildlife Act (NSW) 1974      Deals extensively with indigenous heritage protection issues in NSW
South Australia
Aboriginal Heritage Act (SA) 1988
Aboriginal Heritage Act, (SA) 1979
Aboriginal Lands Trust Act (SA) 1966
Western Australia
Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority Act (WA)1972

Aboriginal Communities Act (WA) 1979
Aboriginal Heritage Act (WA) 1972
Aboriginal Heritage (Marandoo) Act (WA) 1992

The Law Faculty at NTU provide another very useful page providing links to further legislation and cases dealing with Australian Indigenous Peoples and the Law.

You will also find discussion and direct links to Native Title legislation and significant cases  on my Mabo, Wik and Native Title discussion page

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Important individually maintained sites

Gary Foley's Aboriginal History Web Site An important new site from one of the intellectual forces of Aboriginal Australia - essays, links, biography.


Sites with an indigenous  cultural or artistic focus



Tandanya  Tandanya is the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute dedicated to  fostering  the understanding, preservation and development of the culture of the innumerable Aboriginal groups of Australia  - Indigenous art in all its splendour. Well worth a visit.

House of Aboriginality  A Macquarie University based site which deals with issues surrounding the copyright protection of indigenous art.

Yothu Yindi on the Web  Great band, great site!

Dacou  The Dreaming Art Centre of Utopia  - Features the work of several prominent Utopia artists.

Indigenet  Dedicated to indigenous multimedia production  (Click on the snake if have trouble finding things at first).
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Mailing lists with an indigenous focus

Mailing lists provide a very valuable means of keeping up with current events and in touch with people with similar interests.  After you subscribe to a list you will receive email on relevant issues from other subscribers and can circulate your own thoughts, comments, and responses to all of the other members with a single post.

There are several very useful mailing lists dealing with indigenous issues.  In order to keep discussion relevant to the group some lists impose constraints on membership. Others are open to all.   Some also "moderate" discussion, to ensure that all posts are relevant to the interests of the group. Some lists generate a very high volume of mail. Others are only intermittently active.

I have found the following lists very useful:

Lists originally run by Bruce Reyburn of Songlines Services

Bruce's lists have invariably been lively and informative and sometimes controversial.

The two "Reco..." groups listed below focus on political issues related to the reconciliation and social justice. Although started by Bruce, they are now managed by other people. The Recoznet 2list in particular carries wide ranging discussion on political aspects of indigenous affairs  The Althanthropo-l list provides an antidote to the more staid offerings of various academic anthropology lists.

Reconnet - The primary purpose of this page is to provide information about events related to the reconcilliation process. To subscribe, go to the reconnet www subscription page.
Recoznet2 - Run by Trudy Bray, the purpose of this list is to tackle the hard issues of recognition and social justice for  Australia's First Peoples. Always provides interesting discussion and up to date information. Recoznet2 has a WWW page where you can find subscription details. 
Lists managed  by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

These are moderated lists managed by  Dr T.Matthew Ciolek of ANU's Research School of Asian and Pacific Studies.

Aboriginal-Studies-L electronic forum (ANU, Australia)
This Forum was established in 1994 by the Research School of Social Sciences, ANU to provide a a world-wide communications vehicle for anyone working on, or interested in the general study of indigenous Australia. To join the forum send email to:  saying  subscribe Aboriginal-Studies-L <your-e-mail-address> in the text.

Aboriginal Native Title electronic forum
This is a list targeted at professionals working in the Native Title arena.. To apply to join the forum send email to  saying subscribe Aborig-Native-Title-L <your e-mail address> in the text.  The list carries very little traffic at present.

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Professional Associations etc

Here are the home pages of some of the world's professional and amateur anthropological associations.  A much more complete list can be found at

Australian Anthropological Society

American Anthropological Association

Royal Anthropological Institute (UK)

Association of Social Anthropologists (UK)

The Archaeological and Anthropological Society of Victoria 

Anthropological Mailing Lists

For a substantial list of anthropological mailing lists click here

Australian University Anthropology and Indigenous Studies Department Home Pages

ANU Archaeology and Anthropology   A useful place to visit if you are trying to track down the email address of the ANU mob!

James Cook University Archaeology and Anthropology   Travelling North?

Macquarie University Anthropology     Long time since I did my BA there!   Macquarie also runs an Institute of Aboriginal Studies

NTU's Centre for Indigenous Natural and Cultural Resource Management One of the more interesting and important academic developments in Australia in recent years - The Centre aims to be a national and international focal point for research which meets the needs of indigenous Australians and which facilitates career opportunities for indigenous researchers. Within the Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies.

NTU also teaches anthropology within the School of Southeast Asian and Australian Studies .

University of Western Australia Anthropology   Been wondering where Bob Tonkinson has been since The Jigalong Mob?

University of Queensland Department of Anthropology and Sociology  Basic staff and course information. Don't go there if you are looking for pictures of sunny Queensland though!

University of Sydney Department of Anthropology   Elkin's old mob have their own website too. Mind you, the course schedules were still only available for 1997 when I checked last in July 1998!  Still, there is much to be said for living in the past!

La Trobe University's School of Politics, Sociology and Anthropology.

The University of South Australia's Faculty of Aboriginal and Islander Studies focuses on Australian indigenous education and Aboriginal studies. It offers its courses both on campus and through distance education. The Faculty consists of a teaching school, a research unit and a student support unit.

Monash University's Koori Research Centre has a nicely designed home page and an excellent page of links of its own. The Department of Anthropology and Sociology also have a home page which takes a minimalist approach to providing information.

Charles Sturt University's Aboriginal Education Home Page  provides access to the Wammarra centre at Bathurst, the Winan-Gidyal centre at Albury-Wodonga and the Ngungilanna centre at Wagga Wagga, all within the ambit of Wiradjuri country in central western New South Wales.

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