This is a rough and ready collection of links, derived from my own bookmark file,  to sites which I have either found useful or which sounded interesting. No guarantee that they are still current (most were last checked in October, 1999) or of the appropriateness of their content for your own purposes.



Finding Australian things and places on the WWW

Charles Sturt University's "Guide to Australia" A useful set of links to websites dealing with Australia and Australians (if you can stand the rather lurid "green and gold" colour scheme.

Whereis    An Australian street directory on line.  Currently covers Areas currently covered: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.

Phone Directories

Australian WhitePages Telephone Directory - The official on line directory of Australian telephone numbers
Australian Yellow Pages Telephone Directory  The on line phone directory of Australian businesses
International TELEPHONE DIRECTORIES   Excellent UK based listing of www International telephone directories. Also has links to most of the email address finding services.
That old almanac getting a bit tired? Here is the modern version.
Research-It!  A remarkable site that provides quick access to things such as dictionaries, thesauruses, currency calculators, US Maps, Dictionaries of quotations, US phone Books etc etc etc. Even an automatic language translator! Well worth a look.

Where am I or where do I want to go? 

Mapquest A site that allows you to create your own maps of most parts of the world


Individual search engines have been pretty much superceded by Sherlock if you use a Mac with an operating system after 8.6. Those Mac owners who haven't might like to try Copernicus


Australian Search sites

AltaVista Australia  Alta Vista's Australian search site

GoEureka  - Another AltaVista site - general search site with fast access in Australia

Anzwers - good Australian search site with useful customization facilities

Yahoo Australia - the Australian version of the great category based search engine and listing facility

Web Wombat - one of the first Australian search engines - good Australian focus.

LookSmart - Australian category based site - can use to limit search to particular Australian cities etc

Matilda  - Australian based search engine with idyosyncratic attributes


International Search Sites


internet_search.html Netscape's search pages

HotBot  yet another. faster than it used to be

Excite Search engine and general on-line information service - current news, tv programs comics, movies etc. Well worth trying out if you haven't already done so. Can be set up as a personal home page.

There is now an Australian Excite site as well - take a look.

Infoseek The GO network (part of the Walt Disney empire) . Search engine + options for web based email etc - similar to Excite. US focus.

Lycos Some similarities to Yahoo - primarily category based search engine etc - US based. When I looked for myself I kept on coming up with a Californian male model with the same name.

WebCrawler Another early offering from Excite

Yahoo One of the early (and big) players in the search directory game.

Starting Point owned by Techlabs. Straightforward interface. I didn't find me when I looked though! I usually do.



WhoWhere? (part of Lycos. Didn't find me at all)

Yahoo! People Search (Found my email address, but also listed two others that I haven't used for years)





Communications - general resources


WWW browsers like Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator are updated quite frequently.

Click here for the current Mac version of Internet Explorer .

The current download and information site for the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows.

If they change these links (as they often do) you should be able to track them down through http://www.microsoft.com/, though their Mac stuff can be next to impossible to find at times.

Navigator is available through Netscape. Now that its owned by AOL it doesn't have quite the "underdog" appeal that it used to enjoy. the latest version for the Mac is Version 6, but almost everyone prefers the earlier Version 4.7 (which is still available).

Macintosh users should also consider 'iCab", an excellent WWW browser which consumes far less memory and hard disk space than either Navigator or Explorer.. If you have an older Mac, or limited RAM or Hard Disk space, then iCab will be ideal for you. But even if you have the latest and the greatest G4 it is well worth a look. It has rapidly became my own browser of choice. It is available for download here. The current version takes up about 2.5m of hard disk space and will run quite happily in 4meg of RAM (or as little as 1.5m if you use virtual memory!). The download (1.3meg) of the very latest version took me about 3 minutes on a 56K modem while I was writing this! Stunning piece of work when you consider the current size of Netscape and Explorer!


Opera is another browser worth trying instead of the "big two". I'm just about to test the latest "preview" version for the PPC Mac. Versions are also available for other platforms (Windows, Linux, Beos etc). Its said to be the fastest browser available for the mac at present, but it is still in "preview" mode, so be warned, it may eb a bit buggy still.


A Better Email answer

If you are fed up with the problems, crashes, viruses etc associated with Outlook Express and other MS email programs take a look at Eudora. The Mac version beats the pants off the Microsoft offerings. Takes up much less space on your hard drive and in memory but somehow manages to be more powerful.

It comes in three "flavours" - full featured and free with adverts ; "lite" and free without ads, and full featured and fee based wiotrhout ads. I've got used to the ads and I like the full features. You can download a version for Windows as well as for Macintosh.


Internet Service Providers

Netspace Online Systems - Home Page

I've been using Netspace Online Systems as my primary service provider for ten years. They provide excellent, very reasonably priced, service. Cheaper and more reliable than most of the big boys like Big Pond, AOL and Ozemail but without the continually engaged lines, limited services, and inadequate support that you tend to find with the "cheapies". I unhesitatingly recommend them. In my experience they are faster most of the time too.

They have centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Hobart and Launceston plus the provincial centres of Cranbourne, Geelong, Sale, Traralgon, Gold Coast, Wollongong, Newcastle and Yarram. Recently they have been expanding into Alice Springs, Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Balliang, Bendigo, Cairns, Campbelltown, Gisborne, Goulburn, Healesville, Lara, Mackay, Marouchydore, Mildura, Mornington, Penrith, Richmond, Shepparton, Toowoomba, Townsville, Nowra, Pakenham, Wangaratta, Warrnambool, Windsor, Wisemans Ferry, Wollongong, Darwin and Emerald.as well!


Internet Information and assitance


You can still get Adam Engst's wonderful Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh 3rd Edition on line, though its getting a bit long in the tooth now

If you are new to the Internet and want to learn more, this is still an excellent resource though.


Another site with may useful links to further information about the Internet and how to use it can be found at http://www.cochran.com/start/guide/overview.html



Apple Mac Related

Rod's list of Mac related links to WWW and FTP sites (Click here to go to a reasonably comprehensive set of links to sites related to Macintosh computers - troubleshooting, news, information, software updates, shareware, other link sites etc etc)

Apple Australia

Apple US

MacDownload An excellent source of Freeware and Shareware for your Macintosh. Well organised.

The Ausmac Archive An excellent Australian Macintosh Shareware / Freeware site - the place to go if you are looking for the files mentioned in Frank O'Connor's "Off the Net" in Australian MacWorld.

Apple User's Society of Melbourne

MacFixit An indispensible "troubleshooting" site. If something goes wrong with your Mac that you can't sort out this should be the first stop.

Office for Macintosh Microsoft Office for Macintosh product information, news, and support


Other computer related

BIOS Setup Information Guide

The BIOS Survival Guide


Welcome to Microsoft's home page.

Microsoft Australia


Indigenous Issues

(This is a brief sample. For my primary listing of Indigenous and anthropological links click  HERE)
John Toohey Chambers - an excellent new site providing links to materials not found elsewhere as well as general legal materials.


National Native Title Tribunal


Oorala Home page


Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation Home Page

Wired Tracks ©Remote connections

AUSTRALIAN HISTORY: The Flight of Ducks - Contents



Native Title cases (UWA)


MABO AND OTHERS v. QUEENSLAND (No. 2) (1992) 175 CLR 1 F.C. 92/014

ANU - Aboriginal Studies WWW VL - Languages

The Wik Judgment from The Age newspaper

Aboriginal Studies WWW VL

FWDP -- Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples



The Australian Anthropological Society Inc.

David Nash's home page


North America Indigenous stuff

Canadian Case materials

Canadian Aboriginal Law

Weetamah Home Page




Legal Links

Welcome to ScalePlus on the Internet Scale's entry point and quick search engine for access to Commonwealth and some state legislation and case information.

Table of contents for Scale database of commonwealth legislation


Australasian Legal Information Institute Indispensable source of case related information with links to many overseas sites as well.

John Toohey Chambers - an excellent new site providing links to materials not found elsewhere as well as general legal materials.

Australian Indigenous Peoples and the Law. An excellent resource site from the Law faculty of the Northern Territory University

Social / Political

Federal Parliament

Billsnet -  Downloadable text of bills currently before parliament, from the official parliamentary web site.

Federal Parliament's legislation links   The general entry point for bills, acts and other related material from the Commonwealth parliament.

The Australian Constitution on line.

Hansard       For access to the record of proceedings of the Parliament of Australia.

Federal Parliamentary members contact details  For contact details for all federal politicians, including email addresses etc.

Parliament Web Site - the general starting point for Federal Parliament's WWW sit



Other government sites

Australian Government Home Page The primary general Australian Government entry point.

Victorian Government - The entry site for the Victorian Government - links to both the bureaucratic and political aparatus of Victoria.


International Environmental and Social Justice Agencies

World Health Organisation


Amnesty International On-line

United Nations


Political Parties 

Australian Labor Party

Australian Labor Party - Victorian Branch

Individually operated Political Sites of various persuasions

Rocket Sometimes entertaining political commentary from the left.

Jeffed! A site created by former Kennett adviser, Stephen Conroy during the 1999 Victorian Election.

(Jeff.com - the former Victorian Premier's own site - has now disappeared)

General Social and Political Commentary and Discussion

Opinion on line An excellent opinion site run by Graham Young containing thoughtful, sometimes provocative, articles on various matters. Well worth a look.



Welcome to ABC Online

ABC Radio

The Jill Dupleix Recipes

Triple J Home

Triple J Megalink

Friends of the ABC



Major Australian Newspapers

The Sydney Morning Herald

The (Melbourne) Age

Australian Financial Review

The Canberra Times

The Australian News Network

Regional Australian Newspapers

The National

Alternative Country Reporter

Byron Shire Echo

The Queensland Independent

The Shepparton News

The Illawarra Mercury


International Newspapers

UK & Ireland Newspapers

The Guardian

The Times

Irish Times


Other international Newspapers

The Christchurch Press OnLine

Jerusalem Post

North American Newspapers

Arizona Republic and Phoenix Gazette

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Baltimore Sun

Boston Globe

Charlotte Observer

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

Christian Science Monitor

Cincinnati Enquirer

Cincinnati Post

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Columbus Dispatch

Dallas Morning News

Denver Post

Denver Rocky Mountain News

Detroit Free Press

Detroit News

Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Hartford Courant

Houston Chronicle

Jacksonville Florida Times-Union

Kansas City Star

Los Angeles Times

Miami Herald

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Nando Times

New York Daily News

New York Newsday

New York Post

New York Times

Newark Star-Ledger

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

Oakland Tribune

Orlando Sentinel

Philadelphia Inquirer

Phoenix: Arizona Republic

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Portland Oregonian

Providence Journal-Bulletin

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Sacramento Bee

Salt Lake Deseret News

Salt Lake Tribune

San Antonio Express-News

San Diego Union-Tribune

San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Examiner

Seattle Times

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Petersburg Times

Tampa Tribune

USA Today

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Washington Times


Electronic Media

CNN Interactive


ABC News - Newslink

Yahoo News Headlines



Weather Forecasts

Bureau of Meteorology, Australia

Victorian Weather & Flood Information

Melbourne Forecast

Victorian Forecasts

Synoptic Analysis

Forecast Chart

National Weather Charts

Weather & global monitoring




General Sites

New Scientist:Planet Science

Union of Concerned Scientists USA

SCIENCE Magazine On-Line

Museum of Victoria

Australian Geographic Magazine

Aust Environment on Line




Netfrog Title Page

New Scientist Planet Science: Science City: Hotspots

Biology Information Center

CELLS alive!


Museum of Victoria Dinosaurs

Eric W. Weisstein


Human Genome Project home page

bionet.molbio.genome-program newsgroup

The Genome Database (John Hopkins med)

Geneome Therapeutics Corporation

Genome WWW server home page (Japan)

Co-operative Human Linkage server

Genetics - general links (inc HGP) Oak Ridge lab

Human Mitochondrial DNA server (Emory Uni Med )

Primer on Molecular Genetics

Applied Robotics (inc evolving robots)

Geneome Project gen description (good) from Japanese HGP site

Uni Victoria (canada) Molecular biology page

list of human genome-centres.











National Center for Human Genome Research (NCHGR)

SOSIG - Worldwide Resources

Genetics Education Center

Classic Papers in Genetics

Biotech and Bioethics sources


Serendip Home Page "Serendip is a gathering place for people who suspect that life's instructions are always ambiguous and incomplete. Originating in interactions among neurobiologists, computer scientists, business people, and educators, Serendip is both an expanding forum and a continually developing set of resources to explore and support intellectual and social change in education, in social organization... and in how one makes sense of life."



Le Louvre

The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Wide World of Art

Art Galleries



The Electronic Gallery

Digital Wizards

Electronic Visualization Library

The Essential Escher Gallery

Chesley Bonestell Gallery

Motodave's Homeplate

Images Design

Scope Art Gallery

The Gallery at Next Online


American Medical Association


Online Health Network

Welcome To Health Net


WHOSIS - Malaria Information


The Parasitology Images List - Protozoa

The Parasitology Images List

Jonathan Tward's Multimedia Medical Reference Library

Malaria Database

Ophthalmology Links


Welcome to the Centre for the Mind

The Financial Aid Information Page

Student Guide 1996-1997

NetDay Oz Home Page

Apple Higher Eductaion page (US)

Apple education page (US)

Libraries / Books etc

National Library of Australia entry point

Guides to Libraries On-Line

Libraries Vicnet's excellent page of links to Victorian, Australian and World Libraries

National Libraries Gateway The National Library of Australia's gateway to Australian Libraries.

Specific Libraries

The University of Melbourne Library

RMIT Libraries Home Page

University of Sydney Library

USL: Library catalogues

Monash Home Page

Macquarie University Library

La Trobe University Library (Bundoora Campus)

Electronic text archives

Bibliomania, E-texts on line - from Clausewitz to Culpeper and beyond!


Dymocks booksellers On line bookshop, catalogue and information about new releases

A guide to on line book shops from Australian Book Web  provides direct access to on-line catalogues, email addresses, on line ordering etc

National Library of Australia's list of Booksellers on line


Register of Australian Archives & Manuscripts home page  Indispensible for any one undertaking archival research - details of collections throughout Australia

The search engine of the Register of Australian Archives & Manuscripts  searchable by institution, name, all words etc - a quick way of finding where the archival holdings are on many subjects and people, with brief content descriptions. Wonderful resource!

Movies and TV

Internet Movie Database


Official Red Dwarf Fan Club Home Page

Dave the Curry Monster's Red Dwarf homepage

Romeo & Juliet

Australian Television Guide

General interest

Comic Strips

The Dilbert Zone

Doonesbury Town Hall

This Modern World


David Nash's home page



Gillen Name, Roots, Things& People

EventNet Home Page

Form to fill in your latitude and longitude and day of interest and will supply you with sunrise, sunset start and

will will will free will free will last will an…

Julian and Barb Wigley - architects etc




Guides Victoria


JumpStart Elementary Campus

Walt Disney Pictures

The Lion King - Starting Point


Kids Com


Vid Kids

Mr Rogers Neighbourhood


Uncle Bob's Kids page

Media Bridge GAME KIDS Home Page

The Homework Page

Internet for Kids, Inc. Home Page 5- 4-96

Welcome to Snurry's Burrow

Oz Kidz Internaut Cyber Centre

Nintendo: N64 Game List


Bali Online

Telstra SpringBoard: Travel & Tourism

Bali: The Online Travel Guide Index

Getaway Previous Stories

Australian Rules Football


Other AFL sites


AFL Official Web Site - Home Page

BomberLand - The Official Essendon Football Clu…




I've always been a fan of French cars - the only cars really designed for Australian bush conditions! My ageing Peugeot 403 used to beat the pants off a variety of employer provided Holdens, Fords and Toyotas as a means of travelling around the Northern Territory (but the Citroën DS is better still). We have also recently acquired a Spanish / German SEAT. Great around the city and on the highway, but I wouldn't try it on the track from Amaroo to Murray Downs! You will find some photos of Peugeots and Citroens I have owned here (It's a slowish load though. I'll have to optimise the photos one day)

 For all things related to French cars with an Australian flavour make sure you check out AussieFrogs

When you get there, sign up for the Froggy Forum , where you will find many vastly knowledgable and unbelievably helpful people with an interest in Gallic voitures. For Peugeot, Citroen, or Renault owners its simply the best site around. (Still waiting for them to set up a Simca discussion group - now that;'s something I haven't seen for a while!)




The last of the D series - Newspaper advertisement from November 1975 

The Citroën Connection - Blair Anderson's wonderful Citroën Site - sadly looking for a new home after 11/12/99

Citroen Andre A dealer site in the Netherlands specialising in the restoration of Citroen's.

If you want to keep in touch with other Citroën fans around the world, then subscribe to these mailing lists, maintained by the inimitable Blair Anderson.

Toaph's Citroen Page - A nice site from another Citroën afficionado

The Citroën Car Club of Victoria, Australia

The CCCV page of Citroën Links from around the world





Peugeot Resources, Worldwide - A great resource for Peugeot owners

The definitive list of Peugeot links - indispensible

Club Peugeot UK - a great site with an excellent "troubleshooting" service and "buyers guides".

Peugeot Australia Home Page

Peugeot France Home Page

Peugeot UK (If your French is suffering from corrosion)



Seat home page






A U T O M O B I L E URLs Archives

Autobahn Automotive Website




Cybernet Cafe

Electronic Frontiers Australia

Hybrid Music Show (PBS)

Addicted to Noise

Bibiliography on Synthetic Music


Monroe Institute

Leeds University

Imaja BlissPaint (MIDI software)



The Underground Net

The Schwa Corporation

Mkzdk (Australian mirror)

The NetCenter



ConciousNet Homepage

The Etext archives


Internet Patent News Service Patent Search Site

Computer Science Technical Report Index

Technical Report List Site

Master Index of World-Wide Web Servers

Other Government Sites

Australian Stock Exchange

Melbourne Web Spot

The Internet Business Center

MouseTracks - Marketing Activities and Resources


David Nash's home page




Scientific American

Australian Geographic Magazine


Genealogy On Line

Australian Family History Compendium

Genealogy On Line

Animal Health

Animal Health Information

Welcome to NetVet

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